Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lobstah Lovah.

Did you catch the story on tonight's national news about the rare blue lobster caught by a fisherman in Prince Edward Island, Canada today? Check this guy out: 


His gorgeous electric blue color is apparently caused by a rare genetic mutation seen in only one in every four million lobsters! NBC reported that this guy will now be living out his days in an aquarium where he can be admired for his lovely coloring.

In honor of this colorful celebrity lobster, here are some great lobster-inspired finds:

Ladie's Lobster PJ's

For the man in your life: Lobster Boxers

Show off your summer pedicure in these cute lobster flippies!

If you're more of a foodie than a fashionista, how about adding this Mariposa Lobster Claw Bottle Opener to your kitchen or bar?

Mariposa Lobster Claw Bottle Opener

And finally, I left the best for last... this lobster percale sheet set from LL Bean is too cute for words. I'm SO very tempted to click that little "Add to Bag" button because these would look so stinkin' coastal and cute in our (newly) navy and ivory bedroom!

I love, love, LOVE these lobstahs!

Which coastal creatures are you crazy over - is it lobsters, seahorses, octopus, snails? 

And have you spotted any lobster-print goodies I missed?? Do share!


  1. That lobster is unreal. Seriously he looks like a rubber lobster! It's amazing!
    My fav. sea creature motif is a sea urchin...or sea fan. I also love the lobster picks you found nice work!

    Thanks for swinging by my blog! Yours is super cute too! xo

  2. That blue lobster is beautiful! Great lobster finds, I really like those pj pants!!

  3. What an amazing lobster! He's quite beautiful... My favorite sea creature? Probably seahorses and starfish :


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