Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What Do You Wish to Renew?

Today on this snowy Wishcasting Wednesday, I wish to renew my creative spirit.

The past year has been the busiest year I've ever experienced - through July I was planning and crafting for our wedding, stressed at my job, stressed at home and overwhelmed with trying to figure out how to balance the seemingly endless to-do's with family time and personal time. Self care and a lot of the things I love to do (the things that renew me!) - beading, drawing, reading, blogging, tweeting - all fell by the wayside. I've been slowly, but surely trying to get back to the things I love, but it's been a fight to get that spark back.

So, in the New Year, I wish to rediscover and renew my creative spirit. And here's my game plan to make it happen:

• pulling out my well-worn copy of the "Artist's Way" for a refresher course.

• Scheduling a weekly Artist Date in my planner to make sure I don't lose that creative outlet in the busy-ness of my week.

• Staying committed to consistent blog posts and twitter conversations, since the bloggy/twitter community is such an endless source of creativity and support.

• Better self care, especially more sleep and exercise so I have the energy I require to be creative.

What do you wish to renew?


  1. This sounds like an excellent plan to achieve your wish Michele!

    As you wish for yourself, so do I wish for you as well.

  2. Wow... sounds great!
    As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you as well...

  3. Renew and Rejoice!
    As you wish for yourself, so too I wish for you.

  4. Like you, I need to be able to make more time for more sleep - I've been such an insomniac lately!

  5. Self-care is so important ...I have had to learn that myself.

    As you wish for yourself I so lovingly wish this for you also. xx

  6. Great plan, with clear steps.
    As SeaChele wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.


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