Tuesday, September 7, 2010

SeaChele Style :: LL Bean Finds

I love this Awning Stripe tote - it's the perfect size for toting snacks & supplies to the boat or as a stylish carry-all for a quick overnight get-away.

And these adorable Coastal Rain Skimmers are so freakin' cute!! They would add the perfect nautical touch to your outfit on a drizzly fall day. If they carried these in a size 5 (for those of us with tiny feet!) I would snatch these babies up in a heartbeat.


  1. I think I need the shoes, but I always think I need shoes...

    So happy to meet you - am now your new follower!

  2. I hear ya...I can always find a reason why I need another pair of shoes! :)

    Thanks so much for following!


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